A Dunedin Florida New Year’s Day

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When I drove over this little stream crossing under Alt-US 19, I often glanced at the backyard docks with Gulf of Mexico access.  Today I turned off the narrow highway, parked on Buena Vista, and walked back to the bridge for a good look.


If wishes were horses, beggars would ride and I’d live here.  Sliding into the Gulf, I’d take my little day-sailor to Mobile, Key West, perhaps even Cuba! Back in the car, I continued down Buena Vista and Santa Barbara past the pricey waterfront homes.  I came to this postage-stamp park tucked between two houses that cost more than I’ve earned in my whole life. I am not cursed with a jealous nature, but still, one wonders what it would be like to live here.

Dunedin-102Back to reality and Alternate 19, I made my way to downtown and found a parking spot in back of the Methodist church. The first thing I saw was this alley behind Skip’s Bar. It’s a real dive, but the canine mural promoting his dog-friendly business was worth a snapshot.


Click To Enlarge – It’s worth it!


Broadway runs off the foot of Main Street for two blocks where downtown shopping and dining is extended.  Check out the mannequins climbing the ladder!


Like many Dunedin eateries, the Broadway Deli offers sidewalk dining.


Crossing Broadway to the east, you encounter a maze of cobbled sidewalks leading past an assortment of shops and more places to tempt your appetite.



You finally exit the maze through this delightful courtyard and you’re back on Main Street.


New Year’s Day 2016 was a sunny holiday and people are just out enjoying themselves.



ALL ABOARD! Calls the brass statue of an old-time conductor outside the former railroad depot, now a museum.


And finally, this bit of whimsy.  A photographer actually getting paid for her work and two ladies dressed in black and white stroll through a monochrome world.



For the Photography nerds: Every image in this shoot was made from 3 bracketed exposures, ±2ev, using a handled Sony A600 and the 16-50 kit lens. After adjusting white balance in Lightroom, the three images were combined and tweaked in Aurora HDR software.  Vignettes & borders and some additional adjustments were made in  On1 Photo software.

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5 Responses to A Dunedin Florida New Year’s Day

  1. Joan says:

    These are all wonderful pictures, did not even know downtown Dunedin looked this way, reminded me somewhat of downtown Greenville N.C. Joan

  2. Lived there 12 years and didn’t see nearly the beauty. Need Jack’s eyes to open things up.

    • TY, Howard. Photography really is art. I even made that sewer, Skip’s Bar, look good. In reality I wouldn’t go in there even if I wasn’t a tea totalling Baptist.

      • Ben says:

        Skips isn’t a sewer – its a dive for sure but far from a sewer (and I know Skip – he was my neighbor when I lived there and he’s a good guy).

        I do like these photos. Makes me homesick for delightful Dunedin. I lived there for about 10 years and moved away about 2 months ago to another state and to be honest these pictures have really made me ask myself what was I thinking? The pull to move back there is so strong we’re already making plans to get back.

  3. Richard Messerly says:

    Beautiful work, John! Thanks, I enjoyed your journey!

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