A December Walk In The Park

It was a cool 55º as I strolled through Wall Spring Park, a county park on the Gulf coast between Tarpon Springs and Palm Harbor.  Considering the weather and only 6 days before Christmas, it was surprisingly busy. Click any image to enlarge.


This is the spring on the old Wall Family Farm that gives the park its name.


All manner of hikers, dog walkers, and families were enjoying the park.  Here are two shots of them on the bridge seen in the background of the first picture.



Walking west from the spring are a series of paved trails & bridges.


When you get to the Gulf there’s a view of the high-end homes on Indian Bluff Island.


On the north side of the park, when the tide is low, you can often catch the wading birds looking for a meal.


An Ibis And Snowy Egret Glean The Same Watery Field


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3 Responses to A December Walk In The Park

  1. Insanely beautiful pictures.

  2. Joan says:

    HI Jack, those pictures were great of Wall Springs. That area is very old as I think I swam in that water when I was a child. Good memories…….Joan

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