Visiting The Hospital

With the exception of greeting a newborn child, visiting the hospital is always a dreary business. Photography is not only my avocation, it’s my escape. Concentrating on my craft blocks out all this world’s trouble. What better time to escape for a few moments, than when you’re confronting the suffering and pain of a loved one. The nifty landscaping at this Tampa hospital didn’t hurt either.  Click any image to enlarge

Gay flowers grace the entrance to the sprawling medical complex

The entrance to the main building almost obscured by the lush plantings.

The main entrance features benches to rest on while enjoying the grounds

One of two walkways to reach the main building, masked by more beautiful plants

The patient pickup area. The one place you’re happy to visit.

Click To Enlarge

Across the street, there’s a handy escape from the bland hospital food.

A Checkers Burger with Flavored Fries – A Heart Attack In A Sack

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