Seaside Scavengers

American Crow

Laughing Gull


Nothing so exotic as the Anhinga in the previous post. I shot these two pesky scavengers on the Dunedin Causeway. The Laughing Gull and the American Crow are about as common as you can get. Click for enlargements.

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One Response to Seaside Scavengers

  1. Joan says:

    HI Jack, those are great pictures of the birds. I do have to say however, I do not like birds at all, any of them.When I was small, in a park, my mother somehow put a pigeon in a large shopping bag, then she handed it to me to look inside ( I had no idea a bird was in it)well the thing flew out at me and I have been afraid of all birds ever since. Even those small ones everyone has in cages.Not to take away from your photos, but birds of all kinds bring back bad memories to me….Joan

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