A woman in love

I took our latest rescue project to the dog park.  This lady practically swooned over my little dog, only half kidding that she wanted to trade for her Schnauzer.


Marilyn is 4 years old and weighs in at 4.4 pounds. A full-blooded Maltese, she spent her whole life in a puppy mill before her rescue in April. We got her just last week. Lord knows how many litters they made her pump out, but judging by the size of her nipples, it was a lot. She is very sweet and never met a lap she didn’t like. Click to enlarge

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5 Responses to A woman in love

  1. Sybil Freeman says:

    thanks for sharing how happy Marilyn is… adorable picture

  2. Nechamah Singer says:

    She has the most amazing perrsonality–and quite a looker!

  3. Sue Chalut says:

    Marilyn is SOOOOO special. I just fell in love with her. So glad she found that soft place made just for her!

  4. Becky Maxey says:

    Jack, thank you so much first of all for opening your home and love for Mack and Marilyn…and thank you so much for letting me hold that sweet little puppy and capturing that memory forever. I have found throughout my life that people who own pets, whether rescued or not, are some of the most special people I have ever had the privilege to know….BUT…..I would never give up my little man Roscoe. I would happily love be “Aunt Becky” for as long as Mack and Marilyn will allow. Thanks for that beautiful picture of a very special little girl.

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