The best camera for the job


When I came out of the Palm Harbor library that evening, the only thing I had was my little point and shoot pocket camera. This shot goes to prove that old maxim, the best camera is the one you have with you.  I could have dragged my SLR and tripod up there, but I had not.  Just going about your life gives many photographic opportunities, if you’ll train yourself to look for them. In this case, resting the camera on the dashboard and shooting through the windshield got the job done.

The lighted aluminum sculpture by artist Michael Cain is called Beyond the Blue. The three center totems are designed to convey the seeds of knowledge (Totem #1), the spirit of community connection (Totem #2) and the power of the sea as a symbolic repository of knowledge (Totem #3).

Don’t get it? Me neither? But I still like it!

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One Response to The best camera for the job

  1. Joan says:

    We never are downtown in Safety Harbor in the evening, that is quite a sight to see at the library, thanks for sharing it….Joan

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