An Architectural Gem In Rural South Georgia


Colquitt County in southwest Georgia is home to 45,000 souls, and a third of those live in Moultrie, the county seat. The County was named for Walter T. Colquitt, a famous lawyer and Methodist preacher. He served in Congress and the U.S. Senate from 1839 to 1848.

While walking around the courthouse grounds, I chatted up black prisoners doing some landscaping. They were delighted that I liked their courthouse and expressed great pride in their work. These men were cheerful and upbeat. There was none of the broken spirit and depression you’ve seen in movies about prison work details.

The building was constructed in 1902, and the obligatory monument to Confederate dead was added in 1908. It was modernized and enlarged in a WPA project in 1938 and renovated again, at the cost of $1.9 million in 2001.


Regrettably, every structure in south Georgia is not so stunning. This tacky fast food joint was operating only five blocks from the gorgeous courthouse.

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