Shoot your Yorkies in the Raw!


Harry the Yorkshire Terrier doesn’t yap like his brethren.  He just struts around looking good.

Photographer and teacher Rick Sammon uses one-liner tips like “The name of the game is fill the frame.”   One of his best tips is “Raw Rules,” a critical truth for a shot like this.  

Photographers like to choose or manipulate the light, but some times they can’t.  The worst possible shooting time is around noon in direct sun, but that’s what I had.  If the original had been captured in JPEG instead of RAW, this shot would have been impossible.

When I first opened the image, the darker sides of old Harry including critical facial features were lost in murky shadow with little detail.  His eyes and nose showed up as seamless black blobs.   Because a RAW image has 60 times the data of a JPEG, I was able to bring all that wonderful detail back in the digital darkroom and save the shot. Click to see the enlargement for the full effect  RAW RULES!

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